S.KO COOL Refrigerated Vehicles Semitrailer

Short Frame

High quality, durable and optimised for your transport tasks.

The self-supporting FERROPLAST box eliminates the need for refrigerated vehicles with a full frame and a frame neck. The MODULOS short frame saves weight and enables a greater cargo area height. The 10 year no-rust guarantee provides you with investment security: All of the steel components are hot galvanised before assembly.

The robust head frame with diagonal braces provides high stability – even in the event of hard impacts with the loading ramp. In the event of damage the chassis components can simply be replaced by unscrewing the bolted connections, without damaging the corrosion protection coating.

Bolted and galvanised short frame

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Weight-optimised short frame for greater interior cargo area height
  • Completely hot galvanised for high-quality corrosion protection
  • 10 year no rust guarantee
  • Repair-friendly, bolted construction
  • Prepared to fit all optional equipment components