Advantages of Trailer Telematics


We Understand the Challenges You Face Every Day

Do you transport temperature-controlled produce, such as perishable foods, valuable pharmaceutical goods or products for the automotive industry? Then we have the perfect solution to meet your everyday challenges and exacting requirements. Real-time information about your trailer and freight enable you to provide evidence of a continuous refrigeration chain or transport documentation and to monitor the technical status of your vehicle. For all Schmitz Cargobull trailer types, from the S.KO to the S.CS to the S.KI, and of course also as a retrofit solution for your entire fleet.


Industry solutions:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Parts supply
  • Multimodal
  • Security
  • Rental
  • and many more ...


Six Good Reasons for TrailerConnect

There are many reasons to opt for our TrailerConnect solution. The most important one: it offers fast payback, providing you with a highly reliable investment. Take advantage of our many years of telematics expertise and the experience as the #1 trailer manufacturer.


Your Benefits:

  • Intelligent networking of all trailer components, including refrigeration unit, running gear, EBS, brake, tyres and locking system
  • Central display and operation of sensors and actuators: in the TrailerConnect online portal, using the beSmart app and on the display of Schmitz Cargobull S.CU refrigeration unit
  • Rapid diagnostics for all components using the telematics control unit as a central diagnostic gateway
Intelligent trailer scheduling
  • Overview of the location/availability of the trailer
  • Proof of just-in-time deliveries
  • Improved capacity utilisation, avoidance of empty trips
Reliable temperature management
  • Active real-time temperature monitoring with alarm function
  • Registration and archiving of all temperature data
  • Two-way communication incl. certified temperature recording function according to DIN EN 12830
Excellent transport security
  • Continuous information about the door and coupling status
  • Immediate alert about damage or theft of goods
  • Control of the door locking mechanism
Continuous process optimisation
  • Advance warning about the wear and status of the technical equipment prevents breakdowns and shortens the downtime
Optimised CO2 emissions
  • Avoidance of empty running
  • Optimised trailer capacity utilisation
Long-term reduced costs
  • Increased transparency and efficiency
  • Lower costs offering faster payback

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