S.CS MEGA Curtainsider

Your High-Volume Vehicle with 3,000 mm Cargo Area Height.

The S.CS. MEGA with VARIOS TopTechnology and a variable height body offers you the advantages of the curtainsider concept together with the optimal conditions for large-volume transport – Especially for customers in the automotive industry: 3,000 mm cargo area height enables you to transport pallet cages in stacks of three. The trailers can carry 34 Euro pallets on a single level. The standard lifting roof can be raised on one or both sides for stacker loading. The roof can be pushed open to enable optimal access for crane loading. In addition, the MRH pneumatic suspension only requires the touch of a button to compensate for the height difference between the cargo area and the ramp.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • 3,000 mm cargo area height with space for three stacked pallet cages
  • Load securing certified to DIN EN 12642 (Code XL) and DL Directive 9.5
  • Lifting roof and sliding roof for time-saving stacker and crane loading
  • Aluminium rear doors with low-maintenance mono-link hinges and double interior espagnolette locks
  • 100 m³ cargo volume for 96 pallet cages
Your High-Volume Vehicle with 3,000 mm Cargo Area HeightThe usable internal height of up to 3,050 mm gives you room for 3 stacked boxes for automotive transport.Strong side: Pallet stop, aluminium support slats and reinforced stanchions.

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