Uncompromisingly efficient.

The SMART PLUS package pays for itself from day one.

The SMART PLUS package* for the latest S.CS curtainsiders and S.PR platform semi-trailers combines outstanding equipment with a comprehensive Full Service offering plus trailer telematics. Preferential financing is also available on request.

Triple savings: apart from obtaining the equipment package at an attractive combined price when purchased new, you will not experience any nasty surprises when using the trailer – regardless of your mileage – when it comes to repairs, wear, damage or breakdowns, thereby significantly reducing your administrative overheads. At the same time, our monitored service system increases the availability of your trailer. What is more, your semi-trailer retains a higher value, a factor taken into consideration in the financing or when it is repurchased by Schmitz Cargobull.

The S.CS SMART PLUS is also available quickly as a standard model: depending on the configuration, delivery is possible within only 18 hours – ideal for a short-notice requirement. You save the cost of a replacement trailer and can immediately get started with the optimum transport solution offered by the SMART PLUS package.

*The SMART PLUS package is available for the S.CS UNIVERSAL and the S.CS MEGA, also including the equipment options for coil and paper transport, for both the X-LIGHT configurations and the S.PR platform semi-trailer models.

Your benefits:


  • TrailerConnect telematics system and service as standard.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system as standard.
  • Glued floor as standard.**
  • Full Service for trailers included.
  • Full Service for tyres included.
  • Flexible financing (optional).
  • Higher residual value when returning the trailer to the Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store.
Special equipment included as standard, in conjunction with Schmitz Cargobull’s complete service portfolio, makes our curtainsiders with the SMART PLUS package the perfect transport solutions to meet your needs.

**Applies only to the S.CS SMART PLUS.

Uncompromisingly efficient. - Trailer - New Vehicles - Curtainsider / Platform Trailers - Curtainsider

Glued floor for greater durability and longer value retention**, premium tyres plus tyre pressure control system for more mileage and installed telematics hardware including battery for monitoring by TrailerConnect.

Full Service contract
These contracts cover service and maintenance costs plus replacement of all wearing parts at more than 1,300 service partners across Europe, as well as Europe-wide breakdown cover with payment guarantee and handling by Schmitz Cargobull. The contract applies without a mileage limit.

Full Service tyres
New premium brand tyres, tailored to your needs, whether local or long-distance transport, with more than 2,500 service partners across Europe. The SMART PLUS package covers all replacement costs for worn tyres, vandalism and punctures.

Trailer telematics
TrailerConnect supplies real-time data on position, routes and trailer equipment. High-quality engineering components and sensors record mileage, tyre pressure and axle load, and more. Fast access to the TrailerConnect Info telematics service through pre-installed hardware including digital map (Google Maps) is included in the package.

Fair monthly rates including all service components that take into account the improved value retention of the semi-trailer. Individual contracts with made-to-measure terms on request.  

You will be forwarded to the website www.cargobull-fanshop.de which is operated by STUCO Fullservice GmbH. Further information can be found in the data protection statement of the fan shop.

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