S.CS X-LIGHT Curtainsider Semitrailer

Your All-Rounder for Greater Performance and Cost Efficiency.

With the S.CS X-LIGHT your tractors do not move one kilogram more unladen trailer weight than necessary: This reduces the fuel costs for the tractor, especially with the frequent accelerating and braking in short and mid-range transport. If necessary, you also have up to 1,240 kg more payload available

The S.CS X-LIGHT handles your transport tasks - with lower fuel consumption for large-volume transport and 1,240 kg more payload for heavy freight. The load securing certificate EN 12642 (Code XL) reduces the necessary load securing work and our comprehensive range of additional solutions is available to make your transport work even more efficient: The options include an electronic ramp approach aid (TailGUARDlight™) and the ECAS II air suspension for automatic levelling when loading and unloading along with the Load Spread Program LSP and the trailer information system TIS. The Roof Safety Airbag, which raises the centre of the tarpaulin to remove water and thus prevents the formation of sheets of ice, and also the electronic immobiliser are also optionally available.


The Advantages at a Glance

  • Weight and payload optimised vehicle with certified structural rigidity
  • MEGA version with height-adjustable roof, 3,000 mm cargo area height, max. 100 m³ cargo volume.
  • Optionally with expanded load securing certificate for beverage transport


The familiar model diversity Schmitz Cargobull curtainsiders is also available for the X-LIGHT versions without any restrictions.S.CS Mega X-Light

* without any additional fittings