Dolly DO 18/L-2“

Good to go for long trucks

The Schmitz Cargobull dolly DO 18/L-2“ with galvanised frame, developed in-house.

The new dolly enables customers to purchase this long truck variant from a single supplier, too. This solution is suitable for both the truck body with attached dolly and semi-trailer or the semi-trailer with an additional two-axle trailer.

The dolly DO 18/L-2“ is utilised for long trucks and serves as the connecting element between the truck and the semi-trailer.

Complete road trains with our dolly DO 18/L-2“ provide an additional alternative for total towing weights of 40 to 60 tonnes.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Cost-effective solution for longer and heavier trucks helping to reduce traffic and the burden on the environment.
  • Longer trucks with their larger freight volume increase transport efficiency.
  • Easy, self-explanatory handling through the use of standard connection and control components.
  • Galvanised chassis for a long service life.
  • ROTOS axle unit with 1,000,000 kilometre or six year warranty (excluding wearing parts).
  • MRH pneumatic suspension with auto-reset function as standard.
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