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Whether Refrigerated, Tarpaulin or Dry Freight Trailer – the SmartTrailer Will Always Be Worthwhile!

Comprehensive sensors, perfectly integrated – our proven TrailerConnect telematics system
has just got smarter. For you, as an operator, that means even greater operating convenience.
You have the option of monitoring everything on a PC or an app and can immediately intervene, if you need to, should something not be right. The system is based on the third-generation CTU telematics unit. It is combined with TrailerConnect sensors, ROTOS running gear, Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit, to list but a few examples. You decide what you want your configuration to look like. A number of systems are already included in the standard trailer, while all other systems can be added as optional extras.

EBS operating data

Status, operating and diagnostic data is transmitted from the connected brake system

Refrigeration unit operating data

Status, operating and diagnostic data is transmitted from the connected refrigeration unit

Motion sensor

An acceleration sensor in the telematics control unit identifies when the trailer is at a standstill or moving.

Temperature recorder

The telematics control unit and a maximum of four cargo area sensors ensure that the temperature is recorded in accordance with DIN EN 12830


A WiFi interface integrated in the control unit provides for the display and operation of the trailer (standardisation) with the beSmart app

Telematics battery*

The telematics battery can be heated for loading and provides for standby times of up to four weeks



* standard with the S.CS Curtainsider Semi-Trailer, optional for S.KO. Reefer Semi-Trailer



Our Rate Model – Numerous Options Tailored to Your Company


Why pay for something that you don’t need? Our rate modules adapt to your needs. TrailerConnect Basic lets you see your trailers in the status overview and gives you access to the interactive fleet map. All data is stored for 12 months in our revisionsafe and secure database. Do you require more data and functions? Then simply select the modules you require from our rate modules.

* 12 month-long data storage, 15/180 minute messaging interval, status overview, sensor data, messages, user administration, manual status request.
** Technical trailer data, vehicle details.
*** Position history, fleet map.


TrailerConnect xView

Are you an industrial shipper without your own vehicles but would like key temperature or position information on the shipments you have contracted out? TrailerConnect xView gives you access to a portal and enables you to see the vehicles you are authorised to
view. The modules booked by the trailer owner are also available to you in the same way.

TrailerConnect Data

Do you solely require telematics data without access to the TrailerConnect portal? Then TrailerConnect Data is the right package for you. It lets you integrate your trailer telematics data into a third-party system via a standardised API interface.

Optional functions:

Battery monitor

The telematics control unit monitors the status of the starter battery

Temperature printer

A printer on the front wall lets you print out temperature data


Brake pad wear indicator+

New brake pad wear sensors indicate the brake wear including wheel position

Tractor detection

An RFID receiver on the front wall clearly identifies the RFID transponder on the tractor


Coupling sensor

Monitoring the brake supply pressure reliability detects a coupled tractor

Locking system

A locking system integrated in the rear portal enables full access control and remote control using telematics.


Precision odometer

An ABS sensor and GPS help to calculate the precise mileage (km), even when the EBS spiral cable is not inserted

Door contact switch

An electronic sensor integrated in the rear portal monitors the status of the doors, even when uncoupled


Tyre pressure control system

Sensors in the rim measure the tyre pressure and temperature and transmit this to a receiver in the telematics control unit

Fuel tank sensor including display

A sensor integrated in the fuel tank records and monitors the level of diesel fuel in the refrigeration unit tank, even when the refrigeration unit is switched off

Optional functions:


Position Data

Information on the location of the trailer

Cold Chain

Temperature and refrig. unit data including reporting function


Dashboard for service and diagnostic information

Data Storage +

Additional 12 month-long data storage extension

Tour Management

Dashboard for the detailed analysis and analysis of routes driven

Remote Control

Remote control of door locking system and refrigeration unit

Data Export API

Data transmission by API interface to third-party systems

Geo (High Precision Location)

Precise identification of the location of the trailer


Alarm configurations including reporting

Data Sharing

Data transmission to other TrailerConnect portal users

Remote Door Lock

Remote control of the door locking system

Data Intervall 5M

Upgrade to 5 minute messaging intervals when the ignition is switched on

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