FERROPLAST Thermo Technology

Extraordinarily Efficient.

With our market-leading ThermoTechnology in FERROPLAST bodies we have set a new benchmark.

The outstanding insulation offered by our refrigerated body has been improved even further with the new insulation system in the S.KO COOL COMPLETE. Even in the standard version (which is still available), the foam core is up to 12% thicker than in conventional bodies made out of glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

The new insulation system saves even more time when cooling and also reduces energy consumption when transporting temperature-controlled freight.

The interior covering layers with HDR (High Dent Resistance) increase the surface dent resistance.

Vapour diffusion-tight metal covering layers prevent the absorption of moisture, protecting against the accumulation of additional weight and preventing the foam core from losing efficiency.

As a result, the body retains its value for longer thanks to lower operating costs and an increased resale price.


Insulating core

The NX17 polyurethane hard foam technology : Large area foam injection results in absolute bonding with the surface layers. Foam moulded density approx. 55-95 kg/m³.

Tensile strength

320 N/mm² (StE 320).*

* Dependent on panel thickness and material combination

Corrosion resistance

Chemical-physical protection through zinc/steel cathodic effect.


Chemical / biological behavior

Resistant to standard commercial chemicals, odour-neutral, resistant to rotting and decay, resistant to fungi and microbes, physiologically harmless, certifcated suitability for food use.


The metal surface layers are absolutely vapour diffusion-tight: No loss of insulation properties or payload through the absorption of moisture.

Penetration resistance

With a ball diameter of 20 mm, forces up to 300 N do not cause any lasting deformation.*

* Dependent on panel thickness and material combination

Compression strength

10 % compression at a pressure load of 50 t/m².*

* Dependent on panel thickness and material combination

Thermal expansions

The expansion coeffcient of steel is approx. 50 % lower than aluminium and approx. 70 % lower than GRP. The folded seams completely compensate for the remaining thermal expansion, preventing any deformation.

Thermal capacity

Steel surface layers have a far lower heat storage capacity than carbon fbre: The vehicle's interior thus requires less time and energy to cool.

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