Semitrailer Container Chassis - S.CF 40’ LX

A perfect concept

The S.CF 40' LX offers you the perfect concept, if efficient transport and 20' and 40' containers positioned flush with the rear are your focus - available with the optional STEP LOCK locking mechanism for 40' containers without a tunnel.
The S.CF 45' LX transports 20' containers flush with the rear, 2 x 20' containers and 40' tunnel containers. The locking mechanism concept: The standard TWIST LOCK locking mechanism on the 2nd and 4th container beams, folding locks on the rigid front beam, KLAPP LOCK for securing the front container when loading 2 x 20' and the optional STEP LOCK for adjusting the height of 40' containers without a tunnel. The pneumatic central tube rear extension is quick and easy to use and need not be adjusted separately for 40'  containers without a tunnel.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Focused: Prepared for 20' containers, 2 x 20' and 40' tunnel containers
  • Expandable: Optional locking mechanism for 40' containers without tunnel
  • User-friendly: Pneumatic rear extension with mechanical locking mechanism
  • Practical: Container positioned flush with rear, no protrusions
The S.CF 40' LX Semitrailer Container Chassis

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