Semitrailer Container Chassis - S.CF 45’ EURO

Safety, time efficiency and economy

The S.CF 45' EURO semitrailer container chassis gives you flexibility. The right combination of safety, time efficiency and economy - from the 20' standard container to the 45' EU-container with long tunnel and sloping edges.
The S.CF 45' EURO carries containers up to 45'. The MULTI LOCK locking mechanism on the front extension secures tunnel containers with or without sloping edges and containers without a tunnel. The KLAPP LOCK locking mechanism secures the front container for 2 x 20' loading and folds away when transporting tunnel containers. The STEP LOCK option easily adjusts the locking mechanism on the rear extension for containers with or without a tunnel.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Flexible: Prepared for 20' to 45' containers with or without tunnel
  • Optional: Locking mechanisms for 40' and 45' containers without tunnel
  • Sophisticated: 130 mm frame throat height for a max. 4,000 mm total height
  • Practical: Pneumatic rear extension, mechanical front extension
  • Seaworthy: 2 pairs of ferry lashings
The S.CF 45' EURO Semitrailer Container Chassis

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