Semitrailer Container Chassis S.CF 45’ EURO LIGHT

Absolute minimum weight

The S.CF 45' EURO LIGHT semitrailer container chassis is optimised for absolute minimum weight. Focusing on the essentials increases the efficiency of your standard transport business.
Specialisation is the direct path to greater profitability - especially when a large prpportion of your business volume consists of 40' and 45' containers. Our light gooseneck frame design provides you with additional payload and an excellence price-performance ratio.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Robust: Optimised for payload and weight, diagonally braced frame
  • Economical: Easy operation, low maintenance, high availability
  • With certificate of exemption: The S.CF 45' EURO LIGHT also carries 45' containers with a short tunnel or straight edges
The S.CF GOOSENECK LIGHT Semitrailer Container Chassis

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