Truck box body


Truck box body with lightly insulated FERROPLAST body with 30 mm thick walls

Three standard interior lengths:

  • FP 6,500 mm
  • FP 7,700 mm
  • 8,200 mm

Panel thickness:

  • Bulkhead FP 50
  • Side walls FP 30
  • Roof FP30
  • Rear doors FP 25
  • Wooden panel floor, 28 mm


  • The FERROPLAST FP30 body possesses good insulation properties in this series.
  • The floor consists of 28 mm wooden panels.
  • Burglar-proof and weather-proof FERROPLAST FP 30 walls enable the transport of valuable goods requiring dry conditions and protection against unauthorised access.
M.KO FP 25 truck box body

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