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Before you become a new supplier and partner for Schmitz Cargobull we need to have the following information.
We will carefully check this information and it will be treated confidentially and saved into our supplier database.
In the future we may need to ask you further questions when required.

1. Name / Adress
2. Organisation / Invoicing
3. Company information
Turnover (in mill. EUR)

4. Please tell us where your production sites are.
5. Please tell us who your most important customers are.
6. Please tell us what your core products are.
7. For which areas / which product groups would you like to become a supplier to Schmitz Cargobull?
8. Which Quality Assurance system are you certified to?
9. Please tell us any special features that apply to your company or products (e.g. technology, products etc.).
10. What Equipment do you use? (machine list)
11. Do you use any tools to optimise stock levels and deliveries?
12. Do you support the use of cost analysis and the exchange of production cost information? (open book costing)

13. Do you have any questions or comments about our website or our supplier information sheet?
Data fields marked with * are obligatiry!
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Contact information:
Schmitz Cargobull AG
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