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Your one-stop complete solution.

Transporting temperature-controlled freight is one of the most demanding tasks in the logistics industry. Ensuring that the goods remain undamaged, and maintaining the high hygiene standards and strict temperature requirements, are just as essential as the punctual delivery itself.

The S.KO COOL COMPLETE reefer semi-trailer with an EXECUTIVE package is the first complete offer from a single supplier to comprehensively address every aspect associated with the use of the trailer. The perfectly coordinated components and the new and outstanding insulation system meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Your benefits:

  • Premium transport refrigeration unit, optionally also available for Schmitz Cargobull MultiTemp.
  • TrailerConnect telematics hardware with digital temperature recorder, fuel tank sensor with LED display, coupling sensor and door contact switch as standard.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system as standard.
  • Compression roller bumper (Dynamic Ramp Protection, DRP) as standard.
  • TrailerConnect Temperature telematics service included.
  • Full Service for trailers included.
  • Full Service for tyres included.
  • Full Service for the refrigeration unit included.
  • Financing (optional).
  • Higher residual value when the semi-trailer is returned to the Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store.

Special equipment included as standard, in conjunction with Schmitz Cargobull’s complete service portfolio, makes the S.KO.COOL COMPLETE with the new and extended EXECUTIVE package into the perfect transport solution to meet your needs.


Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit. Premium brand tyres plus tyre pressure monitoring system for improved mileage and pre-installed telematics hardware including coupling sensor and door contact switch for optimum monitoring of your freight by TrailerConnect. Fuel level sensor with LED tank display on the front wall checks whether the fuel supply in the refrigeration unit is sufficient. Energy-efficient, vapour diffusion-tight FERROPLAST body with a K-value of 0.33 W/m²K saves yet more time when chilling the interior. Compressible roller bumper (Dynamic Ramp Protection, DRP) protects the body if your trailer’s loading edge should hit the ramp on touch down.

Full Service refrigeration unit:
Pro-active monitoring, coordination of workshop visits, maintenance, inspections, replacement of all wear parts. Cover of service and maintenance costs. The modular construction of the refrigeration unit speeds up the repair and maintenance process.

Full Service trailer
These contracts cover service and maintenance costs plus replacement of all wearing parts at more than 1,300 service partners across Europe, as well as Europe-wide breakdown cover with payment guarantee and handling by Schmitz Cargobull. The contract applies without a mileage limit.

Full Service tyres
Highest-quality service, improved value retention, reliable cost planning and reduced administrative overheads.­ New premium brand tyres, tailored to your needs, whether local or long-distance transport, with more than 2,500 service partners across Europe. The EXECUTIVE package fully covers all replacement ­costs for worn tyres, malicious damage and punctures.

Trailer telematics
Trailer and refrigeration unit monitoring.­ Control of the refrigeration unit using two-way communication. Included: complete factory-fitted hardware with comprehensive sensors and fast access to the TrailerConnect Info telematics service including digital map (Google Maps) and the use of the TrailerConnect Temperature archive.

Fair monthly rates including all service components that take into account the improved value retention of the semi-trailer. Individual contracts with made-to-measure terms on request. 

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