Sliding Floor Semi-Trailer

S.SF Sliding Floor

More Options for High Vehicle Capacity Utilisation.
The horizontal freight conveyor system of the S.SF sliding floor trailer enables you to unload bulk goods in precisely controlled amounts without tipping. The moving floor and pallet-width freight area are ideal for both large-volume freight and packaged goods along with mixed loads.

Transporting bulk goods in rotation with pallet freight, packaged goods or in combined partial loads is the greatest strength of the S.SF sliding floor semitrailer. The push floor design provides you with the best basis for more revenue through greater use of the semitrailer’s capacity.

Sliding floor semitrailers represent a high-performance transport alternative for the agricultural, wood and recycling industries: Unload low-density goods from the push floor trailer via the rear door in controlled amounts with the moving wall. Some 21 hydraulic sliding elements move the bulk or packaged goods forwards or backwards. In addition, the moving floor is also designed to be driven over by a stacker for efficient loading and unloading of pallets, sacks, rolls or bails. The rollup tarpaulin opens up the roof along the entire length of the cargo area.

The axle unit with MRH air suspension, the EBS electronic braking system and the RSP roll stability program ensure optimal stability and safety when loading and running the semitrailer. Depending on the vehicle version the loading volume ranges from 92 m³ to 94 m³.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Efficient loading, transporting and unloading for bulk goods, packaged goods and combined loads
  • Ideal cargo space volume for bulk goods and pallet goods up to 94 m3
  • Gentle, dry transport for bulk goods and packaged goods
  • Optimised capacity utilisation through flexible range of applications

2. Rail loading version for inter-modal transport of unaccompanied units
3. The S.SF sliding floor trailer for combined traffic

The Sliding Floor Trailers.Rail loading version for inter-modal transport of unaccompanied unitsThe S.SF sliding floor for combined traffic.