Lightweight, Strong and Long-Lasting.

The STRATOPLAST panels in the V.KO van bodies.

The STRATOPLAST panels in our van bodies need to fulfil a diverse range of requirements. The panels have to be light to ensure that the vehicle has a low unladen weight, while they also have to be very strong to handle the tough demands of the van’s everyday usage.

STRATOPLAST is a ground-breaking new development from Schmitz Cargobull that now utilises the company’s decades of experience with composite panels for lightweight GFRP bodies. The optimised material in the covering layers creates a durable surface for longer-lasting light and weathering resistance. What is more, the vapour diffusion blocks made of metallic composites are capable of flexibly adapting to the stresses placed on the body. These metal blocking layers on both sides ensure that moisture cannot penetrate into the foam core and condense.

This prevents unwanted weight increases due to increasing water accumulation, which can also have a negative impact on the vehicle’s centre of gravity. If the foam core were to get damp, the K-value – which represents the panels’ insulation level – would also drop. There is no risk of this with the newly developed STRATOPLAST panels. They retain their low intrinsic weight over the course of the years, making the body an excellent long-term investment with high-value retention.