S.KO COOL SMART box semi-trailer – Box bodies

Perfect Transport Solution for Temperature- Controlled Freight

The new generation of the S.KO COOL SMART box semi-trailers has been optimised for today’s world and equipped for the logistics of tomorrow. The most important consideration is the long-term profi tability of your investment through low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and excellent availability. Then there is the highest possible level of security with regard to handling and the freight itself – including quicker loading and unloading times at the ramp. The result: retained value, availability, increased effi ciency and thus added revenue for you.


Your Benefits:

  • EXECUTIVE package: universal solution, including refrigeration unit and proactive services.
  • Vapour diffusion-tight, age-resistant and shatter-proof box body
  • Self-supporting FERROPLAST box body with unique and efficient insulation system as with the S.KO COOL SMART COMPLETE
  • Efficient cooling thanks to improved air flow
  • Easy cleaning due to liquid-tight welded floor pan and flush fittings
  • Flexible dispatch and increased capacity with the optional double-decker system and MultiTemp equipment
  • Simplified load securing with a multifunctional floor, double-decker system and load securing rails
  • Flexible modular system for your trailer configuration
* Optional
Perfect Transport Solution for Temperature- Controlled Freight - Trailer - New Vehicles - Reefer - Semitrailers

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