Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services GmbH with its new department, Garage Training, is offering its European Service Partners a whole range of services.

A key point is provision of a comprehensive training offer:

  • Basic training - Development
  • Basic training - Technology
  • Basic training - Ferroplast
  • Service training - SW and SCFT

he training takes place in Germany and/or in other European countries in various national languages.

This guarantees a Europe-wide, uniform quality standard across all 1200 service partners!
Training applications can be made online via the Schmitz Cargobull service portal.
In addition, online spare parts locating and ordering are possible.

Moreover, garage training is coordinated by the European After Sales Business. In cooperation with the respective After Sales Managers and persons responsible in the 27 countries of the EU, coverage criteria, performance criteria and audit targets will be developed in order to optimise the Service Partner network in each of those countries - a guarantee for the best possible service - Europe-wide.

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