Digital innovation.
Increasing efficiency with SmartTrailers.

The new SmartTrailer is a milestone for the transparency and availability of digital trailer data in the field of logistics. Using a brand new, standard system architecture for trailer telematics, data is consolidated from all intelligent technical components (such as their current load level, condition, operating modes and maintenance forecasts) and collected in a central location. This is then combined with the trailer’s location, trip data and cargo transport conditions (e.g. related to the cold chain when transporting refrigerated goods) and processed accordingly. You will gain an entirely new perspective on the hidden intelligence inside a trailer.

The SmartTrailer offers more comfort for the user and – thanks to its own app – allows for two-way communication. In future, even the control panel on the Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit will be able to display all relevant trailer data. Awarded the German Telematics Prize, the outstanding user interface in the newly designed TrailerConnect portal displays all key information on your PC at a glance, providing the user with various analyses as required.

Comprehensively informed.
Making the most of your trailer’s intelligence.

Big data has been around in the tractor-trailer world for a long time. An increasing number of components are controlled by digital processes or monitored with sensors. Creating a comprehensive network of information is the future of road-based transport. In a Schmitz Cargobull SmartTrailer, this data is first collected centrally and then consolidated on a single level.

The solution is based on the third generation CTU telematics system, which is now more powerful than ever before. Combined with the TrailerConnect system of sensors, the TCI temperature recorder, the ROTOS running gears, the Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit – to name just a few examples – the latest generation of trailers are now equipped with an impressive array of hardware, all of which meets safety class IP69K (though that should go without saying). This ensures maximum reliability from all technical components, even in the toughest of day-to-day conditions.

The CTU telematics system collects data from the running gear, such as the EBS, distance covered, axle load, brake load level, air suspension setting for fifth wheel heights, running heights, loading procedures, etc. On top of this, the trailer also comes with tyre pressure control systems that not only keep an eye on each individual tyre to make sure the air pressure is correct but can also top up the pressure if needs be using the reinflation function. Further operational and functional data is submitted by technical accessories, such as the tail lifts.

The trip data collected from the GPS tracking helps to improve scheduling and deliver realistic ETAs for your orders. What’s more, the coupling sensor and tractor-trailer detection function with RFID offer added assurance when it comes using the right truck-trailer combination. The door monitoring function and PIN-protected locking system improve security for valuable freight in box body semi-trailers.

To transport temperature-controlled goods, you need even more information. Monitoring the temperature inside the cargo area makes sure that your cargo is safe and provides valid evidence for the cold chain. In order to achieve this, the digital temperature recorder sends data direct to the telematics database every 15 minutes, enabling the freight forwarder and their customer to keep an eye on the current temperature inside the trailer while it is still on the road. The tank sensor monitors the fuel level in the refrigeration unit’s fuel tank and triggers an alarm if the supply to the cooling unit is at risk.

The current settings and individual operating modes of the transport refrigeration unit are transmitted and archived in a two-way communication process. On top of that, the transport refrigeration unit can also be controlled remotely at any time, even when it has been detached. Of course, the refrigeration unit’s technology and functions are also proactively monitored as well. This helps to avoid malfunctions and forms the foundation for proactive maintenance, meaning that faults are already diagnosed and spare parts are waiting before the trailer has even arrived at the service centre.

Absolute control.
The human interface for the SmartTrailer.

The quality of data depends on how useful it is. As a result, a user-friendly human interface plays in an essential role in the SmartTrailer. Preparing data in a needs-oriented manner is key to making sure the results are relevant. First things first, however, a clear overview, the ability to select relevant information and the option to perform tasks quickly and precisely are the three factors that distinguish any good interface. This interface then goes one step further with the two-way communication offered by a SmartTrailer. As as result, you don’t just receive information, you can also take action straight away to make sure you achieve the results you want. Uncertainty becomes a thing of the past, along with the majority of all operating errors.

There are three ways to communicate with your SmartTrailer. The interactive operating elements on the semi-trailer itself can display all current operating statuses and the settings for all components connected to the trailer telematics system. For instance, the control panel on the Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit can provide information on the entire refrigerated semi-trailer, including the running gear, tyre pressure and so on. The LED display for the fuel tank fill level sensor is visible from the trailer’s bulkhead.

For mobile devices, we have created a new SmartTrailer app which is available for Android and iOS. The menu structure is quick and easy to navigate so that you can keep an eye on all the key trailer functions. Parameters for set points and alarms can be edited intuitively. In future, you will also be able to control elements like the air suspension, tyre pressure and refrigeration unit from the comfort of your smartphone. The app is also available with an optional messenger function, which displays the latest status updates and alarms as a notification on your mobile device’s menu. This means that you never have to miss out on important information again.

The new TrailerConnect telematics portal is the number one choice for PC users working in the office. The online tool’s user interface features a clear structure, making it more or less self-explanatory so that you and your colleagues have a quick and secure way to check your facts without requiring hours of training. TrailerConnect is an essential tool for day-to-day logistics operations in the field of scheduling and fleet management. Beyond day-to-day use, extensive archives, regular reports, and comprehensive analyses help to support long-term planning. If necessary, you can also make selected data accessible to your customers.

The newly designed TrailerConnect telematics portal was awarded the German Telematics Prize in 2016. The jury were particularly impressed by its availability, suitability for the task at hand and self-explanatory nature.

If needs be, TrailerConnect can also forward information from your SmartTrailer to your governing system, e.g. scheduling software or a consolidation platform like Telematic One, so that you can use your data any way you like.

Reliable delivery.
SmartTrailer pays for itself across its entire service life.

Users have to factor in risks and unexpected costs for more than 80% of their trailer’s service life. The SmartTrailer by Schmitz Cargobull helps to build the foundations for added security and greater ease of planning. Maximum availability and a low TCO (total cost of ownership) is not just a coincidental outcome – it is the result of a strong network made up of all available data.  

Making full use of all trailer information has long formed the basis of modern-day logistics. Nowadays, fleet managers would find it impossible to survive without telematics-based recording of real-time semi-trailer data. Load level analyses, needs-based maintenance and accurate records of order conditions created for the customer help to streamline all processes and increase added value, while also removing strain from your administrative team. Trailer telematics also forms the basis for affordable service agreements and better insurance policies. It creates transparent usage analyses for the leasing business so that needs can be carefully calculated. Trailers that are actively monitored and serviced accordingly suffer fewer breakdowns, require less time for pit stops and have a higher resale value. All in all, this results in a low TCO per trailer and more efficient fleet management.

The increasingly complex conditions on the road make it harder to comply exactly with specific arrival times. This is where telematics can improve flexibility for schedulers, making trips easier to plan and reducing the number of empty journeys.

When it comes to sensitive cargo, delivering goods that are complete and intact is just as important as the delivery arriving on time – even when delivery windows are tight, like for just in time and just in sequence. Cargo monitoring with telematics therefore plays an important role in reliable delivery and, with it, customer satisfaction.

Your benefits
SmartTrailer with TrailerConnect 

  • Comprehensive information about the status, usage and maintenance forecasts for technical components in the trailer.
  • High availability of hardware: virtually maintenance-free and minimal likelihood of faults.
  • Outstanding user convenience, handling and online use.
  • Intuitive design of app and telematics portal.
  • Comprehensive advice from our experienced staff.
  • Individual solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Expert service and advice for ongoing support when using TrailerConnect.