S.KI Control App


Increased Safety, Convenience and Efficiency with the S.KI Tipper Semitrailer.

The Situation

Loading and unloading on often uneven terrain as well as con­stant time pressure multiply the hazards for the driver and the vehicle. In particular the prescribed method of load securing using conventional roller tarpaulins costs a lot of time when loading. Raising the body when tipping requires precision and stability. Incorrect tyre pressure in the trailer running gear costs unnecessary fuel when the vehicle is travelling and increases tyre wear over the long term and thus the danger of tyre damage.

The Solution
As a result, there is a desire on the part of many owners and drivers for the automated operation of many functions from the driver‘s cab.

Remote control of different functions via a smartphone app allows, for example, control of the pneumatic suspension or the trough covering. The tyre re-pressurisation system provides for correct tyre pressure on a permanent basis.

The automatic starting aid optimises traction because, in the event of a loss of traction, the trailer load is systematically increased without the driver having to make adjustments to the driving gear.

Three intelligent assistant systems for the tipping angle, articulation angle and tilt angle monitor the tipping process and prevent the vehicle from driving away with a tilted body.

In addition, the integrated weighing system allows optimal utilisation of the available load capacity – even if no permanently installed scales are available when loading.


The S.KI Control app to remotely control the S.KIThe S.KI CONTROL app is available for smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS operating systems  and can be customised for specific vehicles to prevent incorrect operation.

S.KI Control app

  • Increased active and passive safety when tipping: Three assistants monitor and provide warnings in critical situations.
  • Increased stability through automatic lowering function.
  • Better traction with automatic starting aid.
  • Fuel savings through permanent tyre pressure monitoring with refilling function.
  • Greater cleanliness, safety and efficiency when loading by displaying and controlling the key functions from the driver‘s cab via smartphone app.
  • Avoidance of overloading and the associated wear as well as corresponding penalties. 

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