S.KI SOLID Large Volumes Tipper Trailers

Rounded Steel Bodies

Solid Quality Down to the Last Detail. Our S.KI SR 9.6 and 10.5 Volumes with Rounded Steel Body.

Those who transport scrap and other heavy high-volume goods need to have trust in their vehicle's reliability at all times. That is why we have developed the S.KI SR 9.6 and 10.5 high-volume tipper semi-trailers for precisely this purpose. With an unladen weight starting from 7.7 tonnes, the high-volume steel body provides maximum payload – making it a reliable investment.

Overview of the Advantages

  • Long service life through the use of wear-resistant steel
  • Robust, simple mechanical components securely lock the rear wall elements
  • Paintwork in your company colours upon request

The high-volume rounded steel body is constructed out of high-strength, fine-grain steel.S.KI SR 8.2 with high side wall as a compromise solution between the construction site and volume versions.S.KI 9.6 rounded steel body with external pendulum tailgate

2. Weight-optimised Schmitz Cargobull rounded
3. S.KI 9.6 rounded steel body with external pendulum tailgate

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