S.KI SR with full thermal insulation

Fully Insulated Rounded Steel Body with Light Chassis.

S.KI tipper trailers with a rounded steel body are the all-rounders among construction site vehicles. In particular for high-frequency tipping – this applies, for example, to the transport of mixed asphalt for road construction – robust steel bodies have proven their value. An optimised body geometry ensures a low centre of gravity. The complete, all-round insulation of the body represents the perfect transport solution for the new requirements in highway construction.

Schmitz Cargobull has drawn on its extensive experience in the area of temperature-controlled transport to offer insulation elements providing smooth, precision-fit thermal insulation for rounded steel bodies, which meet the statutory specifications stipulated by the German Federal Ministry for Transport (BMVI) with ease. All bodies have been prepared for the upgrading of measuring sensors, which is mandatory from 1 January 2017.

Seven Good Reasons for the S.KI SR with Thermal Insulation

  • New, lightweight, rubber-based insulation material with outstanding insulating properties
  • Low water absorption (less than 3 %) due to closed cellular structure of the insulating material
  • Robust and payload-optimised transport solution for road construction with an unladen weight starting at 5,790 kilograms
  • Semitrailer with low centre of gravity (better driving behaviour) due to optimised floor insulation and adaptation in the floor area
  • Floating insulating sheets for compensation of the linear expansion due to temperature – in the event of external damage, individual segments can be quickly replaced
  • High-quality, temperature-resistant tarpaulin with a convenient quick-tensioning device or electric sliding tarpaulin
  • All of the bodies are also prepared for retrofitting with digital meas­urement sensors (future-proof for the asphalt transport business)
Ready for the Quality Initiative in Road Construction.Comprehensive modular body range: Insulated external pendulum tailgate with peripheral seal. Future-proof: Access points for manual temperature measurement and preparation for installing digital measurement equipment.Low centre of gravity: The rounded steel body with the efficient subfloor insulation lies precisely on the rubber support of the chassis.Floating insulating sheets for compensation of the linear expansion due to temperature – in the event of external damage, individual segments can be quickly replaced4-point Temperature Measurement* * As standard: preparation for retrofitting electronic temperature- measuring equipment. Required for new vehicles from 1 January 2017. Source: BMVI (German Federal Ministry of Transport) circular letter “Measures for Improving Asphalt Paving Quality” of 12/2015.

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