Curtainsider Truck with Central-Axle Trailer

Curtainsider Truck with Central-Axle Trailer

Space for 38 Euro Pallets.
If your vehicles need to combine high loading volumes with manoeuvrability for use in tight traffic areas then a curtainsider truck from Schmitz Cargobull offers you the right solution.

Our curtainsider semi-trailer and central-axle trailer models provide you with outstanding flexibility for your general cargo business. You can easily combine the semi-trailer and centre-axle trailer loading capacities and separate them into two independent units as needed. The curtainsider trucks and central-axle trailers offer space for 38 Euro pallets loaded 20/18, 19/19 and 18/20. We deliver central-axle trailers manufactured to your specifications for vehicle platforms from all major commercial vehicle manufacturers. In addition, we can also provide vehicles with holders for truck-mounted forklifts along with the roof lift and sliding roof, the Mega body for up to 3,000 mm internal loading height or through-loading bodies. Optional load securing certificates to DIN EN 12642 (Code XL) and VDI 2.700 Beverages simplify high capacity usage with return freight.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Flexible centre-axle trailer solution for general cargo transport which cannot be covered by semitrailer vehicles
  • High investment security in the event that long trucks are introduced in additional European countries
  • Optionally as MEGA or Universal curtainsider, dropsider and also with full sliding tarpaulin or full tarpaulin cover
  • Optionally as through-loading combination or equipped for truck-mounted forklifts
Curtainsider truck, central-axle trailer, 38 Euro Pallets, high loading volumes

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