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Generation GENIOS: with the new modular chassis

The newly developed Schmitz Cargobull chassis is the most reliable of its type. The galvanised and bolted chassis is based on a completely new l-beam concept distinguished by a rolled profile. The special roller forming process is unique within the trailer industry and eliminates the conventional welding seams on l-beam profiles. This production procedure is a true innovation in industrial trailer production and delivers an exceptional level of quality within the industry which stands eye to eye with that of truck manufacturers.

The most important benefits for customers include an increased distributed load for greater flexibility when transporting special cargo, increased reliability by eliminating welding seams along with greater stability due to the bolted reinforcing element in the offset area.

Thanks to its modular design, the new chassis allows a broad range of equipment variants along with different wheel and axle spacing options. Furthermore, the components are easy to replace in the event of requiring repairs.