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Optimised service elements through intelligent, networked systems

Horstmar, September 2014 – Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services (CPS), a subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG, presents the linkage of all optimised service elements at the IAA 2014.

All systems linked and effective data provision
Linking the existing online systems and preparing the data accordingly enables CPS to offer customers the following innovative and specifically tailored service elements:

Repair management
The Schmitz Cargobull Repair System is available throughout Europe for processing repairs and maintenance orders. This provides the user with access to the following key functions:

  • Online access to the Schmitz Cargobull service portal
  • List of the customer's trailers with upcoming maintenance appointments and mandatory inspections
  • Partner and customer workshops can place repair and maintenance orders in the system
  • The repair costs are calculated automatically using saved, individually defined invoicing conditions (specified times, hourly rates, material prices, etc.)
  • The orders are checked and approved by CPS or the customer
  • Optional compensation in the credit note system

    This system offers customers optimised repair management. Customers can call on CPS as a service provider or use the system themselves. 

Fleet management (Fleet4You)
Linking and preparing the data from the Schmitz Cargobull Repair System and the installed Schmitz Cargobull Telematic units enables a variety of analysis functions. The following functions are provided via a user-friendly, web-based interface (Fleet4You):


  • Cost analysis by cause (service, repairs, deliberate damage, etc.) at an individual trailer or fleet level
  • Mileage analysis at an individual trailer or fleet level
  • Cost-driver identification
  • Analysis of maintenance and service states
  • Individual trailer groupings and analysis
  • Definition of individual cost rates (€ct/km)
  • Analysis of the costs per trailer type or manufacturer

Proactive service (S.KO Cool Executive)
Every S.KO Executive trailer is equipped with a telematics unit which transfers the refrigeration unit's technical information. In addition, the system also sends alarm messages generated by the refrigeration unit. These are monitored and analysed by Schmitz Cargobull Euroservice and the CPS Service Support Team. The proactive service thus ensures that the refrigeration unit always operates perfectly.

  • Direct information from the customer/driver
  • Rapid fault analysis
  • Direct contact with service partners to arrange necessary repairs
  • "Over the air" troubleshooting through direct contact with the driver

Individual, tailored maintenance contracts
When our customers use the systems offered (Cargobull Repair System and Fleet4You), this enables individual repair and maintenance contracts to be configured in coordination with the customers and based on the available usage data. Utilising special Schmitz Cargobull components such as the Rotos axle, etc. provides additional benefits. These benefits include the following constellations:

  • Service rates per km
  • Usage dependent service rates (loading/unloading; road/rail, etc.)
  • Tyre management
  • Service rates depending on the workshops used
  • etc.

 The company Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services was founded on 1st October 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG. More than 110 employees are responsible for and manage a broad range of value-added service elements, which Schmitz Cargobull offers throughout Europe.