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New anti-slip floor supports load securing

Horstmar, September 2014 – At the IAA Show 2014 Schmitz Cargobull  presents its first anti-slip floor developed in-house. The new plywood floor is coated with a complete film which significantly increases the sliding friction coefficient*. Its blue colour identifies this film, which makes load securing far easier and safer.

*(The sliding friction coefficient is labelled with "µ" [mu]

The film coating's sliding friction coefficient of µ=0.6 is a significant improvement on other common coatings with a coefficient of µ=0,3.  This value has been certified by DEKRA and corresponds to the properties of an anti-slip mat as per DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI 2700 Sheet 14. This high coeffficient is achieved by applying a special film to the floor. 

The advantages are obvious: Significantly less force is required to lash down the cargo and drivers have less work as they now need to use fewer load securing straps or anti-slip mats. Furthermore, fewer lashings are necessary for securing partial loads.

In addition to friction coefficient tests and practical trials, endurance tests at the in-house Schmitz Cargobull Validation Centre (CVC) have confirmed the considerably improved service life and durability of the coating.