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New multifunction floor MF6
Schmitz Cargobull presents the impressive new PIEK-certified multifunction floor MF6

Horstmar, September 2014 – The new PIEK-certified quiet running floor from Schmitz Cargobull delivers a convincing combination of high durability, low noise and greater skid resistance along with outstanding load securing.

The MF6 is a longitudinally grooved floor with crossways ribbing to ensure its anti-slip properties. As the volume during loading and unloading rolling containers is significantly below the 60 dB demanded by PIEK, the floor is particularly suitable for low-noise loading and unloading in areas in which PIEK regulations apply. The multifunction floor has TÜV-tested sliding friction coefficients and certificates for wooden pallets and steel pallet cages. Six load-securing profiles are recessed into the floor for interlocking load securing. A revolutionary locking bar foot for the floor and the roof will be available as of the IAA Show 2014.

The liquid-tight floor pan with a scuff rail has a smooth surface at the edges, ensuring leak-proof and clean workmanship together with an appealing appearance. The new multifunction floor is 19 kg lighter than the barley-grain structure floor plate and approximately 5% lighter than conventional quiet running floors. The lower weight enables a higher payload. Furthermore, the new floor has 35% better wear values than the barley-grain structure. This means greater durability and cost savings due to the long service life along with a significantly higher residual value. The new floor is quick and easy to clean as the dirt accumulates in the longitudinal grooves, simplifying the cleaning process.