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Tailored financing from Schmitz Cargobull Finance

Horstmar, April 2016 - Over the course of the last 16 years, Schmitz Cargobull Finance has continuously refined its services and offers its customers individually tailored solutions.

Good vehicle financing has a significant impact on the company's success. A good product mix within the fleet enables customers to utilise their trailers as the orders require. For example, if orders increase within a short period of time, and trailers are needed rapidly, Schmitz Cargobull Finance offers the financing solution created for exactly these situations with its Contract Lease product. Long-term contracts are similar. The company has two offers for these circumstances, hire-purchase and classic leasing. In addition, Schmitz Cargobull Finance also offers protection packages for possible risks in the event of damage.
A single point of contact handles all of the financing questions to ensure that the companies receive everything they need. This enables the consultant to put together the perfectly tailored package for the company. At the beginning, they collaborate with the responsible employees to analyse the company's exact needs, enabling them to provide the best recommendation.


Hire-purchase is a solution for customers who want to call the trailer their own one day. Fixed monthly instalments allow reliable calculations without altering the company's credit conditions or liquidity. The amount of the monthly instalments can be determined in combination with the duration. This results in reliable planning. The customer assumes ownership of the trailer after paying the final instalment. Then customers can freely decide whether to continue using the trailer or sell it.
From a commercial perspective the hire-purchase trailer is regarded as the company's own property from the outset. The value added tax is due immediately and must be paid. As a result, the instalments only consist of the net amount plus interest. The latter can be written off as a company expense. At the same time, the trailer belongs to the company's assets. This allows the company to add the trailer to its balance sheet, and write off the depreciation accordingly.


With classical leasing the fixed instalments are the trump card from the very beginning. As such, the company only pays for the use of the trailer for a fixed period of time. The contract partners define the duration in advance. The financial costs can be defined per kilometre and unit of time.
Classical leasing allows the company to preserve its credit line. No equity capital has to be used. The company returns the trailer at the end of the leasing period.
In the case of leasing, the trailer is not listed as an item on the balance sheet. Only the instalments themselves are booked as operating expenses on the profit and loss account. As such, the equity quota remains unchanged. Additional costs may be incurred when the trailer is returned at the end of the leasing period, depending on its condition. These are calculated fairly in accordance with a previously defined standard. Follow-up financing is often possible. Schmitz Cargobull also offers other options, such as a Full Service contract, in addition to the leasing.

Contract Lease*

Contract Leasing is a variant of classical leasing. This form of financing is used, in particular, when customers require short-term trailer provision at short notice. In these cases, Schmitz Cargobull Finance also offers individually agreed monthly instalments which enable the company to calculate reliably. An advance payment is not required. The contract can be extended if the company requires the trailer for a longer period of time. In this form of financing the monthly instalments can also be written off completely as a company expense.
Contract Leasing also includes a Full Service contract. This ensures that no additional operating costs occur. The instalments cover the repair, service and maintenance. The company can draw on the Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services service network throughout Europe. In addition, trailer and tyre services can also be integrated into the Full Service contract. Contract Hire for used vehicles is a variant of Contract Leasing.

GAP Cover*

New trailers are a costly investment for companies. If the trailer has to be written off soon after being purchased, this is a major financial burden for the customer. Particularly during this time, a financial gap occurs between the residual debt and the assessed value of the trailer.  If a write-off occurs, then insurance companies normally only cover the actual value of the trailer. However, the company requires a new trailer, which is more expensive.
Schmitz Cargobull Finance offers GAP Cover to enable companies to minimise this risk. This coverage provides protection against total loss. It covers the difference between the residual debt and the replacement value of the trailer. GAP Cover represents the sensible addition to every form of financing.

The insurance package*

A trailer's working life is hard. It travels long distances every day and is loaded and unloaded. In addition, the trailer is also exposed to the elements. This can quickly result in damage. That is why insurance is almost essential to minimise the risk and safeguard a company's financial success. Schmitz Cargobull Finance covers these risks with the insurance package. Schmitz Cargobull Finance covers these risks with the insurance package. In addition, the trailer is also insured in the event of theft, sabotage and vandalism. Furthermore, the package from Schmitz Cargobull Finance also covers damage resulting from construction, material and design faults. Operating faults and improper handling are also included in the risks, covered along with buckling and warping damage.
The scope of the insurance not only covers the trailers themselves. Fitted accessories such as refrigeration units and tail lifts are also included in the complete protection provided by Schmitz Cargobull Finance.
* Precise terms and conditions depend on the legislation of the respective country. Further information can be found at:

About Schmitz Cargobull AG:

With an annual production of some 45,000* vehicles and around 4,900* employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe's leading manufacturer of semi-trailers and trailers for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods. The company achieved sales of approximately €1.6* billion in the 2014/2015 business year. As a pioneer in the industry, the German company developed a comprehensive brand strategy early on and consistently established quality standards spanning every level: from research and development, to production and specialist services such as trailer telematics, financing, used vehicles, spare parts and Full Service.
*Figures based on the 2014/2015 business year


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