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Flexible transport – The S.KO semi-trailer with folding side walls

September 2018 – Sensitive freight, general cargo, extensive anti-theft protection and side loading are often difficult requirements to integrate into a single design. The new generation of the S.KO folding wall semi-trailer manages this balancing act by combining the advantages of a solid box with the more flexible body of a curtainsider. The S.KO EXPRESS with folding wall is the new dry-freight box semi-trailer and offers greater payload, easy and more flexible loading, combined with optimum load securing.

The new folding wall solution available for both sides (EU version) allows pallets, bulk goods and long freight to be loaded and unloaded from the side. Thanks to the insulated FERROPLAST walls, the trailer is also suitable for transporting high-security freight. This multi-functional solution is often required when transporting different freights on the outward and return journeys. It enables distributors to transport both sensitive or highly perishable goods as well as industrial freight. The trailer also has EX/III certification for transporting dangerous goods. As the side wall can be opened completely, 34 pallets and freight such as wooden beams or metal pipes up to a length of 13.17 m can be loaded from the side using a forklift. Double-decker equipment is also available as an option, enabling a further 33 Euro pallets to be loaded on the second level.

Furthermore, the folding walls can be opened and closed rapidly, significantly accelerating the convenient loading process.

Folding wall box trailers are frequently used in Scandinavian countries when transporting long freight such as wood. In addition, there is also a growing demand for these flexible vehicles in other European countries. Depending on the transport solution selected, the semi-trailer can be used for rail transport thanks to its special chassis preparation. It can also be used on ferries thanks to the optional ferry eyes. In colder environments, an optional heater with safety box and built-in 70-litre fuel tank can be secured to the bulkhead. The matching circulation wall and air circulation channel are located inside the semi-trailer and make sure that the air flow is at the optimum temperature throughout the entire length of the load compartment.

Optionally, the S.KO semi-trailer with folding wall can be equipped with TrailerConnect trailer telematics in order to monitor its location and operating data. This includes information on factors such as axle load, brake pad wear, the door contact switch and temperature recording. The trailer telematics unit therefore makes an important contribution to the logistics process, creating transparency and improving life-cycle costs.

Loading capacity and dimensions

The interior length is long enough for 34 pallets, while the double-deck system can hold an additional 33 pallets. The maximum interior height is 2,750 mm achieved at a total height of 4,000 mm. In Scandinavian counties, the maximum interior height can be increased to 3,200 mm with a total height of 4,500 mm.

Load securing is critical:
The trailer's body is certified to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and does not require any additional load securing when transporting interlocking complete loads. The freight can be secured rapidly if the trailer is only partially loaded using the recessed load securing rails mounted flush with the folding walls. The recessed lashing rails fitted flush in the sides of the floor extend the entire length of the trailer and also ensure flexible and reliable load securing across almost the entire vehicle width. The compressed air gun, which is fitted as standard, is another small but important comfort feature. It can be used to quickly remove soiling or deposits from the profiles.

About Schmitz Cargobull
With an annual production of more than 61,000 trailers and around 6,400 employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe's leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, truck bodies and trailers for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods. The company achieved sales of almost € 2.2 billion in the 2017/2018 business year. As a pioneer in the industry, the North German company developed a comprehensive brand strategy early on and consistently established quality standards spanning every level: from research and development, to production and specialist services such as consulting, trailer telematics, financing, spare parts and used vehicles.

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