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The new vehicle generation begins with the S.CS GENIOS curtainsider semi-trailer
More than 40 million euros invested in production technology and expanded manufacturing facilities in Altenberge

Horstmar, September 2014 – More modularity, more flexibility and more safety - Schmitz Cargobull presents the new curtainsider semi-trailer generation: the "S.CS GENIOS". The model is distinguished by a redesigned body with a variety of new features along with the advanced chassis generation manufactured using the revolutionary cold rolling process. The high-tech production facilities were installed in a new production hall for this new generation. The approximately 12,000 m² production facility have commenced manufacturing the new components in July 2014. The facility takes into account both ecological and economic concerns. With this new technology Schmitz Cargobull has once again created a milestone which highlights Schmitz Cargobull's competence as the market leader in the trailer industry. The new vehicle generation will be presented for the first time at the IAA 2014 in Hanover.

The production method for the new GENIOS generation utilises a "rolled" frame profile rather than the former welded l-beam. The new, state-of-the-art production facilities at the expanded plant in Altenberge are capable of manufacturing the l-beams using a cold forming process. The advantages at a glance: The chassis' structural stability has been significantly improved and the durability increased while retaining the same weight as the material's structure remains unchanged by welding processes. Furthermore, this enables perfect dimensional precision and also provides a high level of production precision for the subsequent industrial manufacturing process. This, in turn, serves to significantly increase the trailer’s overall quality. In addition, the enhanced bolting technology makes the vehicles even easier to repair and maintain. Thanks to the permanent and sustainable surface protection provided by the galvanisation process, Schmitz Cargobull grants a 10-year warranty against rust-through. Schmitz Cargobull's marketing motto "Made by Schmitz Cargobull" also continues to promise its European customers high quality and value.

The new production process increases the plant's energy and transport efficiency while also making an important contribution to reducing its carbon footprint. The new design enables the l-beams to be loaded onto trucks in a modular manner, saving a significant amount of space. This greatly reduces the number of journeys required for the surface treatment, simultaneously decreasing emissions.

"Whereas our competitors often focus on production abroad, maintaining the value creation at the existing plants with their highly skilled employees continues to remain an important quality aspect for Schmitz Cargobull," explains Ulrich Schümer, Chairman of the board of Schmitz Cargobull AG. The l-beams are key components of the new "S.CS GENIOS" generation and are manufactured in Altenberge and delivered to the plants in Spain, Lithuania and Russia as modular elements. These plants assemble the individual modules to produce a complete trailer. "For the new "S.CS GENIOS" trailer generation we will no longer require the welding line previously used for the l-beams. However, the employees who previously worked on the welding line will continue to work in the new production facilities," explains Ulrich Schümer.