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New S.CS curtainsider as an all-rounder with new features
Schmitz Cargobull presents the new GENIOS vehicle generation using the S.CS Universal as an example

Horstmar, September 2014 – Easy loading, rapid load securing, a high-strength body with solid ram protection steel inserts on the bulkhead and reinforced corner supports make the S.CS Universal a cost-efficient all-rounder for general cargo transport.

The newest generation of this all-rounder is equipped with a variety of new and useful features. Many components are now manufactured using the new rolling process and integrated into the vehicle.

The newly developed Schmitz Cargobull chassis is the most reliable of its type. The galvanised and bolted chassis is based on a completely new l-beam concept distinguished by a rolled profile. The special roller forming process is unique within the trailer industry and eliminates the conventional welding seams on l-beam profiles. This production procedure is a true innovation in industrial trailer production and delivers an exceptional level of quality within the industry which stands eye to eye with that of truck and tractor unit manufacturers. The most important benefits for customers include an 10 %  increased distributed load for greater flexibility when transporting special cargo, increased reliability by eliminating welding seams along with greater stability due to the bolted reinforcing element in the offset area. Thanks to its modular design, the new chassis allows a broad range of equipment variants along with different wheel and axle spacing options. Furthermore, the components are easy to replace in the event of requiring repairs.

The body's proven aluminium bulkhead has a new steel corner stanchion design. This rolled design – a distinguishing feature of the new GENIOS trailer generation – increases the stability, strength and service life. The new bulkhead design has been subjected to comprehensive testing within the Schmitz Cargobull Validation Centre. The integrated lashing points to DIN EN 12640 enable easy load securing.

The roller forming process has been continued on the rear wall. The robust steel corner support is fitted with riveted door hinges with integrated, full-height ram protection in order to increase service life and enable easy repairs. A stanchion lifter can also be quickly and easily retrofitted. The new manual lifting roof system is protected in a profile on the corner support. This makes it easy to operate, especially when loading using side ramps, and reduces the risk of damage. The system is intuitive, easy-to-use and is also considerably more reliable. Furthermore, the lifting roof also includes integrated height pegs (optional for MEGA vehicles).

The design of the proven Schmitz Cargobull sliding post has also been revised. The new two-point mounting provides twice the safety and makes it easy to move and position, ensuring greater comfort and safety when using the sliding post.

The closed stanchion body prevents the cargo from catching on it when the trailer is loaded from the rear. The lath spacing has also been optimised and the lowest pocket raised by 45 mm. This enables the lashing straps to be comfortably hooked into the outer frame.

The Schmitz Cargobull Safety Roof has also been upgraded in order to better counteract the extensive stress on the roof beam every time the roof tarpaulin is opened. The reinforced roof tarpaulin results in less deformation of the roof and improves the strength of the body. No additional reinforcements in the cover, such as straps, wire cables or diagonal struts, are required.

The reinforced, UV-resistant tarpaulin edge is now available in black. This improves the overall appearance as the colour matches the rubber seal. The roof tarpaulin fulfils the body strength requirements as per DIN EN 12642 Code XL.

Fuel savings
The mechanically folding, aerodynamic rear extension is another new feature. This reduces CO2 emissions and saves fuel without restricting the loading volume. It is specially configured and designed to comply with current EU law. When loading and unloading the trailer, the extension is simply folded up at the rear, protecting it against damage.

A new, rear load securing system specifically for partial loads has been developed for the SPEED CURTAIN body. Perforated rails run along the side of the roof beam across the entire length of the floor and the roof beam. This enables loading through the sliding tarpaulin and increases the trailer's flexibility for the freight agent when loading and unloading. Light, height-adjustable cross beams for the load securing also ensure flexible usage and easy handling.

Running gear
The new ROTOS running gear is now available with an enhanced version of the MRH3 pneumatic suspension system.

An additional bumper on the saddle plate protects the axle spring seat assembly against damage. The reinforced spring clamps and the additional axle bases increase the reliability of the axle and also include a maintenance-free axle spring seat assembly, even for heavy-duty transport.