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The S.KI safety trailer offers greater driver comfort and trailer safety combined with environmentally conscious transport

Horstmar, September 2014 – The German Federal Ministry of Transport has passed new laws regarding road construction and road repairs. The aim is to sustainably improve the road surface in order to ensure greater durability of the roads. As a result, transport companies working in highway construction will be subject to stricter requirements for transporting asphalt with effect from 1 January 2015. Thermal insulation will be necessary in order to prevent the material used from cooling down. The quality of the delivery must be verifiable by means of a temperature measurement. The stipulations for national highways - currently for major roadworks with an asphalt layer exceeding 18,000 m² - will be gradually expanded to include all road works by 2019. New trailers will then be fitted with permanently installed measuring equipment. As a result, now is the time to act.

Schmitz Cargobull offers flexible thermal insulation for the S.KI 7.2 tipper semi-trailer with a rounded steel body. The custom fitted covering for the front and side surfaces is made of tarpaulin material and designed for temperatures up to 200°C. In combination with inlay mats this achieves the required thermal resistance of ≥1.65 m²/KW. An additional mat is fitted in the tailgate. The roller tarpaulin used to cover the trough provides the insulation from the top. All of the additional equipment for asphalt transport weighs approximately 120 kg in total, so the vehicle remains lightweight.

Schmitz Cargobull has also introduced a fixed thermal insulation solution for the S.KI 7.2 tipper semi-trailer with a rounded steel body. The THERMOPRO full insulation solution also covers the rounded steel body. It prevents the mixed material from cooling down before use. The THERMOPRO full insulation solution was developed on the basis of successful FERROPLAST technology and already satisfies the strict requirements due to come into force from 2016. The patented design of the insulated panels ensures excellent thermal insulation that far exceeds the legally required values.

New vehicles bought until 1 January 2016 will benefit from the transitional rule for existing rolling stock. The flexible trough insulation is an ideal solution for retrofitting, can be easily fitted as needed and is significantly lighter than permanent body cladding.  Best of all, the equipment is guaranteed to remain legally compliant for the vehicle's entire service life.