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S.CS MEGA Curtainsider semi-trailer with SPEED CURTAIN!
The S.CS MEGA Curtainsider semi-trailer is now available with the rapid

Horstmar, September 2014 - The SPEED CURTAIN can also be utilised on S.CS MEGA semi-trailers. The S.CS MEGA concept has proven especially popular in the automotive industry.  The height-adjustable body enables an interior height of up to 3,000 mm. Furthermore, the maximum permissible vehicle height for every European country can be adapted to the tractor unit's fifth-wheel height. This ensures that, for instance in Germany, the overall vehicle height required of four metres is consistently maintained.

The lifting roof stabilises the body and can be raised flexibly on the left, right or on both sides for loading and unloading by means of a hydro-pneumatic pump. Pins on the micro-stanchions and corner stanchions permit height adjustment in 2 x 50 mm steps. The interior height can thus be adjusted between 2,900 and 3,000 mm. An interior height of 3,000 mm is required for the automotive industry when transporting stacks of three pallet cages. In addition, this body system also fulfils the demanding standards of the beverage industry. Beverage crates require no additional load securing when transported as an interlocking load.

Faster loading and unloading
After de-tensioning the tarpaulin clamping ratchet, the SPEED CURTAIN body can be quickly and easily opened for loading and unloading within 35 seconds without stanchions impeding the process. The variable-height tarpaulin runs along ball-bearing mounted steel roller guides fitted on the top roof beam and the chassis frame. As a result, moving the entire package to the front or the rear becomes child's play. Special auto-folding technology folds the tarpaulin together like an accordion when it is moved. Furthermore, interlocking complete loads require no additional load securing. This increases the trailer‘s efficiency.

Work safety
The SPEED CURTAIN no longer requires middle stanchions and supporting laths. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries resulting from stanchion locking levers suddenly snapping open or falling, loose parts. Work safety has increased significantly as no additional load securing is required for interlocking complete loads and there is no further need to climb onto the loading surface.

When transporting partial loads, locking bars can be inserted into profile rails in the floor and the roof. These safely secure the load at the rear and can be fitted either the full length or part of the length of the vehicle. The locking bars are telescoping and adjust to the height of the body, even during lifting. Furthermore, 30 pairs of lashing rings on the outer frame provide optimum lashing points and options for additional load securing. There are also additional lashing points on the bulkhead (two pairs) and on the corner stanchions at the front and rear.

Improved energy efficiency
Along with reduced loading times, the new tarpaulin system also offers aerodynamic advantages as a result of the optimum tarpaulin clamping. Eliminating the tarpaulin tensioners, which otherwise create air turbulence, serves to reduce aerodynamic drag. According to the Schmitz Cargobull Validation Centre's findings, this can reduce fuel consumption.

The structural rigidity of the SPEED CURTAIN is certified to DIN EN 12642 Code XL in addition, it also fulfils the requirements of the VDI Directive for beverage transport and the DL Directive 9.5 for transporting goods on load carriers.