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Fuel savings with the ECO-TAIL
The rear extension OptiFlow ™Tail ensures optimal aerodynamic conditions

Horstmar, September 2014 – As part of the new GENIOS vehicle generation Schmitz Cargobull presents the first vehicle with the new ECO-TAIL. The related Optiflow™ Tail was developed by WABCO and ensures better aerodynamic running conditions.

The Optiflow™ Tail is a mechanically folding, aerodynamic rear extension. This reduces CO2 emissions and saves fuel without restricting the loading volume. It is specially configured and designed to comply with the draft EU legislation, i. e. it can be quickly and easily folded up at the rear when loading and unloading the trailer, protecting it against damage. The rear extension can be folded out to the rear to the full opening angle of the doors. It is easy to install and both robust and strong

The Optiflow™ Tail directs the air flow and thus reduces the base pressure on the semitrailer. At high motorway speeds the rear extensions reduce fuel consumption by approx. 1.1 litres / 100 km, improve the carbon footprint and make a significant contribution to cost savings throughout the service life of the vehicle.