Load Spread Program

The Load Spread Program.
For Correct Load Distribution and Less Tyre Wear.

The optional Load Spread Program prevents overloading the drive axle after partially unloading the trailer. It improves the vehicle's handling in tight curves and reduces tyre wear. Depending on the axle load the LSP automatically reduces the pneumatic suspension in the air bellows on the rear trailer axle and thus restores the correct load distribution after partially unloading the trailer. Theautomatic cornering recognition activates the LSP when driving around tight curves at less than 30 km/h and with a maximum load of 24 t on the axle unit. This function also simplifies manoeuvring. 

Load Spread Program – Dynamic wheelbase variation

LSP: Advantages in Tight Curves and When Manoeuvring.
With tight corners and heavy loads the LSP provides you with an effect similar to a self-steering axle. Unloading the last axle reduces the tyre wear caused by friction and the shortened effective wheelbase improves the trailer's manoeuvrability.

When fully loaded the total load is correctly distributed among the axles on the tractor and the box semitrailer.

Lowering the pneumatic suspension pressure on the last axle shortens the effective wheelbase and restores the correct load distribution.

Partially unloading the trailer moves the vehicle's centre of gravity forwards: The permissible drive axle load on the tractor is exceeded.

Prevents tyre contact with the curb: The LSP increases the inner curve radius travelled with a loaded trailer by up to 10%.