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Horstmar, October 2015 - The BGL President Adalbert Wandt presented the "Großer Wagen" award to Schmitz Cargobull Board Member Ulrich Schöpker at this year's annual general meeting of the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL) on the 22-23 October in Hamburg.  The "Großer Wagen" is the signature award from the BGL, and is awarded to those who exemplify the organisation‘s values of "Quality and performance awareness". The award is named after the German name for the Plough constellation, which translates into English as ‘Great Vehicle’.

Schöpker's tireless commitment to the transport and commercial vehicle industry, in keeping with these values, was recognised at the AGM. During his speech, Wandt emphasised: "A customer-oriented mentality, the highest reliability, and constantly innovative developments among both trailers and trailer-related services distinguish Ulrich Schöpker’s career path and his accomplishments at Schmitz Cargobull. In addition, he is also a consistent advocate for the transport and logistics industry on its key issues with associations, committees and organisations, which distinguishes him as a committed person and a competent engineer."

The "Großer Wagen" award acts to create both a role model and a challenge for the entire community of BGL members to represent the sustained influence and strength of this association to the public.

Award ceremony: The
Award ceremony: The "Großer Wagen" award goes to Ulrich Schöpker, Board Member, Schmitz Cargobull AG (left). The award was presented by the BGL President Adalbert Wandt.
Ulrich Schöpker, Board Member, Schmitz Cargobull AG (middle) receives the
Ulrich Schöpker, Board Member, Schmitz Cargobull AG (middle) receives the "Großer Wagen" award, with Parliamentary State Secretary Norbert Barthle (left) and BGL President Adalbert Wandt (right) congratulating him.