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P&O Ferrymasters now with TrailerConnect from Schmitz-Cargobull Telematics – Joining forces for even greater customer benefits
Whether on the road, rail or sea – P&O Ferrymasters puts its faith in the expertise and experience of the market leader

Altenberge, October 2015 - P&O Ferrymasters, one of the leading European providers of customised transport and logistics services has fitted a large part of its trailer fleet with the TrailerConnect telematics system from Schmitz Cargobull Telematics. In addition to the 400 new vehicles from Altenberge, 300 existing vehicles out of the trailer fleet of over 1,500 units will be fitted with the trailer telematics system. Specialising in the creation and supply of innovative and flexible supply chain solutions, P&O Ferrymasters places particular focus on the added value to the end customer.

P&O Ferrymasters operates its trailers in various transport segments, such as steel, automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, paper, recycling etc. In addition to road and intermodal use, the logistics company places its faith in transport of trailers by ship. The P&O Ferrymasters trailers are hauled mainly by sub-contractors. It is for this reason that the logistics company, which is active throughout Europe, is particularly interested in gaining transparency over its vehicles and their loads independently of the tractor unit. "First and foremost, we believe that we will achieve an even greater improvement in efficiency in the planning and capacity utilisation of our fleet," said Bas Belder, Managing Director of P&O Ferrymasters, during his visit to Schmitz Cargobull in Altenberge.

For some years P&O Ferrymasters has relied on modern IT structures and lean processes. Over the past seven years this has led to a considerable increase in the turnover per employee. Now it is planned to improve the key figures further with the aid of TrailerConnect. The trailer telematics system is set to represent the next step towards improved efficiency.

The logistics expert, P&O Ferrymasters, is already successfully operating with its own offices in twelve different European countries. The company is managed from its headquarters in Ipswich (United Kingdom).

From here decisions are taken centrally and then implemented de-centrally. This, too, is a recipe for the success for P&O Ferrymasters.

P&O Ferrymasters processes approx. 2,000 transport contracts daily – and they demand excellent management. Therefore, the provision of real-time telematics data through TrailerConnect is of great importance. "For us, rapid information, high transparency and preventive customer integration are the most important functions that we can derive from the trailer telematics system," explains Bas Belder. Over 3,000 customers belonging to the customer portfolio of P&O Ferrymasters profit from these features.

"Our primary concern is to support our customers in their daily work­, and to consolidate our good customer loyalty over a number of years," continues Bas Belder. "We are increasingly putting our faith in standardised trailers which can be used for about 80% of all transport contracts. That generates cost optimisation in the long term and leads to competitive growth of the company," adds Belder.

For these challenging and diverse tasks, P&O Ferrymasters acquires robust and flexible curtainsiders from the Schmitz Cargobull's S.CS programme. All were fitted with special ferry equipment and various load securing components. P&O Ferrymasters places its confidence in the proven technology from Schmitz Cargobull for this.

The high quality of the telematics hardware and a measurably high level of availability of the entire system of over 99 % convinced the management of P&O Ferrymasters. It is particularly important to note that transparency over the trailers when travelling autonomously, for example via rail or ferry, will be a fixed component in scheduling in the future.

P&O Ferrymasters is integrating the telematics data into its own 'Transport Management System' to create a far-reaching link to existing processes. This will allow P&O Ferrymasters to quickly generate effects that demonstrate the benefits of TrailerConnect for the customer. "It is important for us to make work easier for our customers with the best technical telematics solutions and the associated service provisions," declares Karl Heinz Neu Managing Director of Schmitz Cargobull Telematics. Together with Leoni Nathaus, Sales Support Schmitz Cargobull Telematics, Josef Warmeling, Head of International Key Account Management and Gregor Rein, Key-Account Manager Schmitz Cargobull, the first vehicle from the order has now been handed over to P&O Ferrymasters.
The vehicles belonging to the current order are being produced in the manufacturing facilities for flatbed vehicles in Altenberge; the telematics units will be securely fitted there to the accustomed high quality standards. P&O Ferrymasters can, therefore, make use of the telematics systems as soon as the vehicle is ready.

This permits Schmitz Cargobull to offer an innovative overall package with customised vehicles and a comprehensive trailer service, which provides the customer P&O Ferrymasters with both dependability and information throughout the entire useful life of the trailer, thus enabling it to become P&O Ferrymasters' partner for efficiency.