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Spotlight on digitalisation and connectivity
Schmitz Cargobull Telematics is expanding its TrailerConnect trailer telematics system to include new functions and interfaces for other telematics systems. New apps for drivers and fleet managers – the new beSmart and beUpToDate apps – complement the portfolio of services.

June 2019 – The experts from Schmitz Cargobull Telematics will be showcasing new features at transport logistic 2019, focussing particularly on cold chain management. Two new functions will help transport companies to monitor and document door opening processes, thus improving trailer security. With the TL3 keypad on the front of the refrigerated box body, Schmitz Cargobull now has a third option for opening and locking the rear door in addition to TrailerConnect portal 2.0 and the TrailerConnect beSmart app. The keypad is connected directly to the CTU3, the central TrailerConnect telematics unit, via a LIN bus connection. The CTU3 then controls the door locking system. Another function included in Schmitz Cargobull’s door locking system is the geofencing-based control function. This automatically unlocks the door when the trailer enters a defined geographical area.

Often, a single fleet will use several different telematics systems. To make sure business owners still only have to use one portal, Schmitz Cargobull has added a generic data import interface for other telematics provider. These interface enable telematics data from diverse trailer telematics systems to be transferred to and displayed in the TrailerConnect portal 2.0. This includes data from the cooling unit, the electronic braking system (EBS) and information from the sensors.

New Schmitz Cargobull apps: Schmitz Cargobull makes monitoring loads and trailers even more efficient and transparent with two new apps. Users are informed in real time via push notifications on their smartphone. Schmitz Cargobull has advanced the TrailerConnect beSmart app especially for drivers. By displaying all key measurement values in the beSmart app, the driver is able to manage up-to-date trailer data at any time. The app connects to the CTU 3 telematics control unit wirelessly which means that the door locking system and cooling unit can also be controlled. An optional temperature printer can also be operated directly from the app.

The new TrailerConnect beUpToDate app is geared towards the needs of fleet managers and scheduling experts. It keeps all telematics portal users informed via smartphone about the current locations of their trailer fleet, downtime and movement data. To do this, Schmitz Cargobull has transferred some functions and views from the TrailerConnect portal 2.0 into the mobile app. One highlight of the beUpToDate app: The position of all or individual trailers is shown in real-time via Google Maps. The app also provides information on the trailers’ current status, such as temperature and cooling unit data, tyre pressures or axle unit loads. The built-in search and filter function ensures that users receive a clear overview.

About Schmitz Cargobull

With an annual production of more than 61,000 vehicles and approximately 6,400 employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and vehicle bodies for temperature control freight, general cargo and bulk goods. The company achieved sales of almost €2.2 billion in the 2017/2018 financial year. As a pioneer in the industry, the North German company developed a comprehensive brand strategy early on and consistently established quality standards at all levels: from research and development to production and service contracts, trailer telematics, financing, spare parts supply and used vehicle trade.

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