S.KO Express Box Semitrailer

The Benchmark for Courier, Express and Package Delivery

The new generation of our new dry freight box vehicles offers you maximum transport quality and safety thanks to the high strength FERROPLAST panels and steel corner profiles.
An economic advantage and customer-orientation in the courier, express and package delivery sector demands an integrated vehicle concept. The new S.KO EXPRESS generation creates the right conditions: The FERROPLAST box body provides valuable freight with perfect protection. Improved burglar-proofing lowers the risk of theft and the insurance costs. In addition, the Schmitz Cargobull modular system offers you everything which you need to customise your vehicle: Usage?oriented rear door and side door solutions, effective double decker and load securing equipment and floors for 5.5 t or 7.1 t stacker axle loads are just some of the outstanding features.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • The new FERROPLAST box generation with greater body stability
  • Burglar-proof body design
  • Modular system for cost-efficient, application-specific vehicle equipment
  • High-quality ROTOS axle unit with complete range of safety equipment
  • Age-resistant design, long service life and value stability
The new generation of our new dry freight box vehicles S.KO EXPRESS