Tie-down, Load Security

Essential safety. Load Securing Made Easier

According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, in 2013 German trucks delivered a total of almost 3 billion tonnes of goods. What these and other statistics about freight traffic in Germany frequently do not mention, is the fact that not one tonne of these goods would have arrived at their destination without a driver.

Schmitz Cargobull builds trailers for practically all types of goods. Thus, we are a part of the “freight traffic on the road” system. As a driver, you make a major contribution to ensuring that this system functions.

Therefore, you also automatically bear a large responsibility. Without your expertise and dedication to correctly secure loads, driving in traffic would be far more dangerous. Not least of all for you personally.

This brochure is not intended to teach patronisingly or conceitedly. This brochure simply aims to remind you of things which may be otherwise forgotten during your stressful work day: the awareness that, in the event of an emergency, securing the load also protects human life – in addition to your semi-trailer's load. Above all your own, but also all other road users.

Securing loads prevents damage and injury