Tie-down, Load Security

We Understand - To Reliably Transport Secured Freight

Securing loads makes sense. However, this can be difficult to permanently implement in the busy working environment. In particular, time pressure. Therefore, we take the view that securing loads must be made easy to accomplish. The small brochure makes a contribution here.

After an overview into the statutory guidelines and technical regulations for securing loads, we talk about the effective, fundamental physical forces for securing loads. It is important to understand these few, fundamental forces because they influence the characteristics of the load. And with insight into these forces, the topic which sometimes appears complex can be explained.

The fundamental approaches to the solution, and examples of applications for securing loads in different sectors, are explained in the chapter "The physical forces". These examples should assist you in sharpening your view about on the importance of securing your load.

The first step: Sharpen the awareness of the importance of securing loads