Tie-down, Load Security

The Legal Framework on the Topic of Securing Loads

The security of the load is a topic within freight haulage, to which the legislative authority and professional associations determine regulations from their respective views, in order to provide transportation of goods that will neither damage the load, the vehicle, the traffic involved, nor injure the driver. In this respect, the laws have – although it creates work to adhere to them – the intent to protect you from the vehicle, the load and other traffic.

Conversely in the event of any doubt, those who oppose the statutory regulations must not only compensate for damage caused, but also face a penalty. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act, this can range from a fine, a driving ban and points in the central traffic register up to dangerous behaviour in road traffic (§ 315 b German Penal Code), or even manslaughter (§ 222 German Penal Code). Either way, non-adherence to the law costs energy, time and money. And that could be more reasonably invested.

Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG)
Securing loads is also covered under occupational health and safety. The vehicle is work equipment and, therefore, subject to occupational safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Act is based on the Regulations for the Prevention of Accidents (UVV) of professional associations.


The personal legal consequences due to deficient securing of loads can be seriousLegal Consequences of Inadequate Load Securing