System Technology

Telematics services are based on satellite technology. Schmitz Cargobull Telematics is based on GPS, the Global Positioning System, which enables the user to determine his exact position anywhere on Earth and on GSM, the “Global System for Mobile Communications“, a technical standard for mobile communications.

The data is sent via SMS and GPRS, the General Packet Radio Service, an innovative mobile data service, direct to your home PC or your mobile telephone.

All things compatible
To make sure this works without any hitches, the evaluation software is also based on the internet, which allows you to access your data at any time and anywhere. Data can be integrated in an existing EDP system via a standard interface. In addition to this, an automatic report generator will also send out prepared or customer-specific evaluations in an individually set up schedule to your address via email.

Not alone
All components have been designed to be used in vehicles made by all well-known manufacturers, which means that you can operate everywhere in Europe and its bordering countries. In addition to this, the objective – through our cooperation with tractor manufacturers – is to consolidate all tractor and trailer data, such as satellite navigation and dispatch.

Self-confidence is good, self-control is better
Telematics in the freight business means solutions for freight planning, order processing and fleet management as well as the tracking of consignments and technical vehicle monitoring. The focus is on communications, and the exchange of information and data between the vehicle and your logistics centre.

Really special
The Telematics terminal needed for this has been especially designed and developed for use in trailers in partnership with Bosch and T-Systems.
The casing, cable loom and plug system correspond to the most up-to-date technology used in the automotive industry. A working temperature range of -40° to +85°C as well as the highest standards for impact and vibration resistance ensure reliable operation even under extreme conditions. Intelligent battery management ensures long stand-by times even when parked without a tractor. For weeks if need be!