Schmitz Cargobull Finance Insurance Package

Extensive. Economical. Schmitz Cargobull Finance Insurance Package. 
Well Covered.

Our Schmitz Cargobull Finance insurance package is the second-to-none package for your new vehicle, which you can finance through Schmitz Cargobull Finance. This will give you all-round protection – for the installed accessories too – that is far ahead of fully comprehensive insurance cover. 

Play it safe Europe-wide! Worry-free transporting, our concept gets to the heart of it. Our local partner workshop will take care of you in the event of your vehicle being damaged. Simply report the case and our experts will take over all of the insurance matters.

We take on the risks:

  • Theft and accident
  • Gross negligence, sabotage and vandalism
  • Fire, lightning and explosion
  • Storm, hail, flooding and snow loads
  • Construction, material and design faults
  • Operating faults and improper handling
  • Book value coverage of the financing
    [n the case of theft or write-off the GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage pays compensation equivalent to the difference between the current replacement value of the vehicle and its settlement value]
  • Braking, breakdown and breakage damage
  • Buckling and warping damage
  • Ferry transport damages 
    (including the total loss if the ferry sinks)

You can depend on it!

  • All the costs incurred in repairing your vehicle will be assumed in the case of unforeseeable damage
  • The residual book value up to the insured sum is generally reimbursed (max.130% of the insurance sum) in the case of an indemnifiable write-off
  • As well as the consequential costs such as clearing up and disposal costs, sue and labour costs and the recovery costs
  • You will be reimbursed by up to 5,000 Euros in the case of a total write-off