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The RSS Feed from Schmitz Cargobull provides you with all innovations and appointments, immediately after being publicised. You won´t have to visit our web site on a regular basis nor would you have to expose any personal data. It is up to you as to how long you use our service and you do not oblige yourself to any binding subscription.

Using a respective RSS-Reader, you are able to administrate and read your RSS Feeds. The closest that it can be compared with is an E-mail program and is used similar to E-mails, to call-up and inform you about new entries made concerning our Feed on a regular basis. You can view all new features received direct in the Reader without having to open your internet browser and, if necessary, you can pass them on to other people interested. Those messages that are important for you can be marked, grouped, arranged in folders and can be saved, in the same familiar way that you administrate your E-mails.
In the mean time, several E-mail programs and browsers have the Feedreader function or so-called dynamic bookmark integrated into them.


How can I subscribe the RSS Feed?

Click on the RSS-Button in the address list in your browser. If you have set a Reader as standard program for opening RSS files, this opens automatically and you are prompted to confirm the subscription. Otherwise, a new page opens in your browser where you can select your RSS Reader at the top that will enable you to open and subscribe the Feed.
If you are using browser that is not RSS capable (such as, e.g. Internet Explorer 6.x), then copy one of the following paths, click in your RSS Reader on, e.g. "New Subscription" and copy the desired target address into the dialogue field opened.


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A selection of RSS Readers can be found here

For Windows operating systems

For Mac OS X

For Linux

Platform independent Online Reader

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS is a file format on the basis of XML and, amongst others, means Really Simple Syndication (acc. to Version 2.0). The client, in this case the RSS Reader sends requests for updating to the server on a regular basis. RSS is available in many different versions that can be processed by (almost) all current RSS Readers. Next to RSS, there is also the Atom format that is not compatible with the RSS standard, but can be converted in both directions.