VARIOS Top Technology

The VARIOS height-adjustable body version of the curtainsider S.CS MEGA makes your transport planning flexible:

Cost saving – meets a whole range of transport needs with only one trailer.

Saves time – hitch up to tractors with 950 mm – 1,150 mm fifthwheel height so that everything can be transported simply by swapping the truck.

Saves empty runs – the variable body height allows the dispatcher to schedule cargoes of up to 100 m³.

Optimised. Ensure an overall height of 4 m is adhered to by using the height-adjustable VARIOS body.

Simple. The plug-in mechanism means the body height can be changed in 50 mm steps, front and rear, independently of each other.


Quickly adjustable internal height from 2.75 to 3.00 m with six different plugging options.

Three heights in a plug-in locking system. The tailgate adapts itself to the various heights.