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Win the day with Schmitz Cargobull Premium Services.

The top team

Schmitz Cargobull Premium Services’ winning team.

It takes a team to win the match! Schmitz Cargobull Premium Services’ powerful team is a balanced mix of specialists and all-rounders. Effective, fit, focused and smart: the team has the perfect player for every position. Together with a world-champion strategy and the absolute determination to succeed, this is the foundation for lasting success. As the coach, you know the strengths of each individual player and can skilfully put together the winning team.
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Effectiveness, flexibility and reliability are essential both on the pitch and on the road. We are happy to advise you on how to optimise your fleet’s team with our services.
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You are the coach

Focused on success, you have the right strategy to put together your dream team.

The best team wins when it is guided by a smart tactician. You decide on the individual team members and the strategy behind their play. You can always be sure that your team will use every ounce of skill at their disposal and show absolute commitment. By working with the top team from Premium Services, you can be a world champion.

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