The Trailer Box

Regardless whether you choose the FERROPLAST KIT or BOX, we offer you energy efficient, hygienic, age-resistant and repair-friendly trailer boxes.

 - Technology - FERROPLAST KIT/BOX

Thinking inside the box

  1. Individual parts of the KIT
  2. Mounting the BOX together with subframes on the chassis
  3. Mounting the individual parts (1)
  4. Mounting the individual parts (2)
  5. Mounting the individual parts (3)
  6. Mountable BOX

Technical specifications for the vehicle are documented



Your BOX or KIT is produced according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer

The components are loaded and shipped to your vehicle manufacturer


The individual parts of the KIT or the BOX are mounted on your vehicle



FERROPLAST KIT is a set of prefabricated elements made from high-quality materials, for fast and simple installation.
It is suitable for all vehicle brands and models.

  • Quick installation (installation instructions are included)
  • Rapid order processing (standard solutions can be delivered at short notice)
  • Available in both COOL and DRY versions


FERROPLAST BOX is a pre-installed trailer box body which can be mounted directly onto the chassis of the vehicle using its lower fixed frame.
It is important that all specifications and guidelines from the chassis manufacturer be observed during assembly.

Requirements for installation:
  • Crane or alternative lifting equipment
  • Standard assembly tools, i.e. pneumatic screwdriver, wrenches, etc.


  1. Preparation of the chassis
  2. Mounting of the partial frame and the floor plate on the chassis
  3. Mounting of the side, front and rear walls and the roof
  4. Installation of the required options
  5. Finishing


  1. Preparation of the chassis
  2. Mounting of the BOX together with subframes on the chassis
  3. Installation of the required options
  4. Finishing

FERROPLAST BOX or KIT at any time - Delivery to our Service Partner at your local dealer!

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