What you would like and what you need are two different things. We cater for both – specially designed for trailer operations.

At coordinated and regular service intervals your entire semitrailer is checked through, e.g. its components:

  • Tarpaulins
  • Electrics / lights
  • Chassis
  • Air suspension / axles
  • Body
  • Brakes / pneumatic systems
  • Tyres

All necessary servicing and preventative maintenance, as well as the charges for mandatory inspections including ATP repeat inspections are covered by the Full-Service contract. We naturally also replace all necessary wear parts free of charge.

Separate extra services, such as repair damage, are only carried out after prior agreement.

Full Speed Ahead Europe-Wide with up to 3,000 euro 
Full-Service trailers have better credit ratings. If your trailer ever has a breakdown, CARGOBULL EUROSERVICE guarantees payment of up to 3,000 euro to the service centre – there are no more difficulties in sorting out how to pay or whether credit cards are accepted.