Just-in-time freight

All kinds of goods are integrated in intelligent logistics chains – delivering the exact quantity of goods at the right time is therefore state of the art. 
Dispatchers spend valuable time in intensively monitoring the flow of goods.  Any interruptions in the logistics chain are to be avoided, since production stoppages cost a great deal of money.

The goal is to continually be in contact with the transport unit to ensure that all deadlines are consistently adhered to.

This applies to carriers of all kinds of goods - for automotive components as well as foodstuffs and medicaments. These days no-one has large stocks, the warehouse has been relocated to the road, to the trailer, but the trailer often stands uncoupled nearby the place it is to be unloaded hours before it's needed. Long standing times are the order of the day, which means that the trailer – and its load – need to be kept under surveillance.

This is where trailer telematics can provide active support. Without telephoning at all, the dispatcher knows at all times where the trailer and its load are and is also able to monitor the time slot.  With the aid of planning time and area configurations, trailer telematics can inform in good time if a cargo cannot make its time slot.

This does away with telephone calls that might make sure the trailer is secure but are not absolutely necessary from the cargo standpoint. Schmitz Cargobull Telematics focusses on the information necessary for the corrective intervention. Management by exception allows the dispatcher valuable free space for other tasks.

Increasing the operating efficiency of your logistics staff, saving costs and time by reducing the number of telephone calls – we call it cost-benefit optimisation with Schmitz Cargobull Telematics!